Definitions: Salvation and Baptism

This message is one of the most practical that I will ever speak.  Salvation is the key to the kingdom of God.  Jesus came so that everyone could be saved from their sins.  He died on a cross to grant us grace and mercy and to give us access to the Father.   The simple picture above is the scripture basis for salvation.  If you want to explore these scriptures you will find evidence for what I have spoken about.   Believing is how this happens, not by works or acts.  Faith is what brings us into relationship with Christ.

Water baptism is the outward confirmation of an inward decision.   What should keep us from being baptized? (Acts 8:36)  That was the question that a new believer posed to Philip as he accepted Christ into his life.  The word had become alive to him so that he recognized his need for a savior.  He was baptized and this amazing story of conversion is on record in Acts so that we can imitate it.

 Dead to self Alive in Christ   

Dead to self Alive in Christ


The outward results is that these definitions affect who you are.   Your respect for others and your attitude toward others is dramatically affected by making Jesus the Lord of your life.  The reflection that starts to come off of you is that you have had an encounter with someone greater than you.   Jesus starts to become evident in your attitude so much that others start to notice that something has changed inside of you.   Again the inward decision start to become evident in your outward reflection.   I know it sounds kind of crazy but what is happening on the inside of you starts to transform who you were in the past and starts to make you into a new person.  This is possible for anyone who believes.   My friend Reggie Dabbs put is this way:  you can't change your past but you can change your future.   When you start to follow Jesus as the Lord of your life your past doesn't change but your future start to become one filled with potential and destiny.   Come on and follow Jesus with me.  As I follow Christ, come follow me and we will reflect him together. 

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We recorded a song!

We have been working hard to find ways to record our worship services for our students to have for their own quiet times with God. This is a step in a long road towards making that dream a reality for us. This is a raw recording of our worship set from April 8th. 

We would love to hear from you what you think!

 This puts us on a path to record more of our students leading worship and learning how to mix, master and record our own music. Stay tuned for more tracks to come! 

What if the next ORANGE Jumpsuit was for you?

What if the next ORANGE Jumpsuit was for you?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if the ORANGE Jumpsuit was for you?    What if you were taken captive and given the chance to fully embrace Christ or maybe it was demanded that you deny Christ?  What would you do?  Is there even a precedent for this in the Bible? 

I believe the story of Stephen is exactly the answer to this current question.   He was given the opportunity to defend his faith or deny it.  His defense is one of the greatest responses ever to being put on the spot for your faith.   

He tells it just like it is.   Starting with Abraham he makes a defense of his faith all the way up to the murder of Jesus.   At the revelation of there murder of the Messiah, the religious leaders pick up rocks to kill him. 

Then something amazing happens.  Stephen looks up to heaven and sees Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father.  All I know is that the standing ovation that Jesus was giving to him helped him to overcome the brutality of the moment.  

As his last statement,  Stephen asks for their sins to be forgiven.   He put on the ORANGE Jumpsuit and died with valor and with incredible impact for all eternity.   

What about you?   What if the next one is for you?   Have you sold out?  Are you all in?  

Have a faith that is worth dying for and you can walk without fear.  

Ready to tell others what you know and what you have seen and heard!


10 Xtreme Group Date Ideas

Making choices with dating

 We want you to go on dates and have fun doing it. One of the pre choice choices we spoke about is to date is in a group. Dating is basically like announcing to everyone "hey that person is my best friend." So that person had better be able to hang out with your friends! We have compiled a list of 10 group date ideas for you to go on that will not make anyone feel like a third wheel. 

1. Just hang out

It's not hard. Whenever you have a group of people together fun times are sure to happen, even if there is "nothing to do." 

2. Bowling.

It's a great group activity and a good way to "let them win" and score some extra points, just not in bowling because you are letting them win. 



Basically you can study in a large group of people and use all the wifi but you don't actually have to buy anything, or study. So you all end up just scrolling through youtube. 

4. Surprise date!

Invite them to hang out and surprise! It is all couples... Except for you two. Better team up to not make it weird!

(be sure to bring confetti for a real surprise) 

5. Rollerblading

A perfect excuse to feel nostalgic for the days of middle school past. And if you are in middle school, it's like the place to be!

  (also there is couple skating!)

6. Picnic

Yes it is just eating outside. You don't even need to prepare it. Even fast food works as long as you are eating outside. Winter time is not the most ideal but spring picnics also come with frisbee time! 

(bonus points for the checkered blanket to sit on)

7. Center of the universe

Not like the physical location within the cosmos, but the one that is in downtown Tulsa. There is this weird echo effect that happens there and it is a great place shout thing you want to hear yourself say and you can fill up your instagram feed with skyscrapers. 

8. Scavenger hunt

You make a list, you check it twice and then you go find it. There are lots of versions, some with phones and pictures. The classic is to get random people you don't know to participate. See the picture for an example of random people.  

9. Go to tulsa!

Owasso is a great place! There just isn't go carts or put-put here. So the best thing about a group is you can find someone to drive everyone to go drive toy cars! 

10. Date with Parents.

Sure it's super awkward, like really really awkward. But according to certain people, winning over the parents is 2/3 the of the work out of the way. And at least the parents pay so technically it's free! 


Today was our last day speaking for the 7th grade FCA. One of our new Student leaders Landon Hunter spoke today about what to do when life isn't fair. We are so glad to be asked to serve our community and our schools! Thank you Coach Coats we are looking forward to speaking again.